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An appointment reminder is texted and/or emailed 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment. We  request a minimum of 24hours notice to reschedule/cancel an appointment.You will not be charged if you cancel at least 24 hours before your appointment starts. Otherwise, unfortunately you will be charged 50% of service price for late cancellations and 100% for no shows.

Please notify as soon as possible if you will be more than 5 minutes late.  If you arrive 15 minutes after your scheduled time, we have the right to reschedule your appointment with a 50% late reschedule fee. As we respect your time, we will make every effort to notify you if we are running more than 5 minutes behind your scheduled time.  


We accept, all major credit cards, Venmo, Invoice and Zelle. Gratuities are not included or required for any service; they may be given at your discretion.

*Prices are subject to change.*

Please keep in mind that the artist time, product, and other expenses used to perform a service, understand there are NO refunds given for any reason for any service and/or product. If you are unhappy with a service you may contact us within 24hrs post your appointment to discuss your concerns. 


How long does it take to apply lash extensions?

The classic lash extension full set can take up to 2 and half hours , depending on the type of style you want and how many natural lashes you have. The average eye has 50-200 lashes per eye.

Our volume lashes set can take 2 to 3 and 1/2 hours. The more lashes that you have, the more extensions I can apply! This is a meticulous procedure that requires patience and concentration. Therefore, it is important not to rush the process so that you can leave with Lavish Lashes!! For the service you'll be relaxing with your eyes closed, and you'll feel no pain as this is a non-invasive procedure. Many of my clients are so relaxed that they fall asleep!

How many lash extensions do you apply?

The average eye has 50-200 lashes per eye. Here at Lavish Lashes we apply an extension to each and every natural lash you have. I don’t miss a single one! This is my trademark, a full set is a FULL set. Each set is customized perfectly to your eyes! 

Can my Eyelash Extensions be Removed?

Yes, your extensions can be removed at anytime. This takes about 30 minutes with a adhesive remover.

Can I still wear eye makeup?

Yes, you can! However , there are some restrictions. You can still use eyeliner and eye shadows as usual, as long as it is not liquid liner or gel liner these products contain oil and will break down the adhesive.  Mascara is NOT recommended, as this will break down the adhesive, clump up the extensions and cause your extensions to come off earlier than expected. You will need an oil free makeup remover which helps to remove debris and keep you lash line clean. 

How long do they last?

Lash extensions require touch ups every 2-3 weeks to maintain their fullness. The longevity of your extensions is based on how your natural lash grows; if your hair grows fast, will your extensions. Which will result in fills being needed more often. If you follow our instructions for caring for your lash extensions, your lashes will remain fuller longer! The average eye sheds 5-7 natural eyelashes per day, this is 70-90 natural lashes within 2 weeks (half of your set), this is why I recommend fills every 2 to 3 weeks. Fills over 4 weeks is considered a full set. 


  • Recommended to wait 24 hours to get them wet. 

  • Never allow shower water to beat directly on your extensions. Constant pressure on the extensions can cause them to "pop" off or wear off sooner than normal.

  • Do not rub, pick, pull or twist your extensions.

  • Do not sleep on your lashes.

  • Gently comb the tips of your extensions with the spoolie brush provided as needed to straighten and "fluff" your extensions. Do not over comb your extensions, or use the spoolie brush as you would with mascara.

  • Never use mascara on your extensions, as this will shorten the lifespan of your extensions, cause clumping, and dissolve the adhesive. You can use mascara on your bottom lashes.

  • Never use oil makeup removers on your extensions, as this will disolve the adhesive and ruin your extensions. Only use oil free remover.  

  • Receive regular fills to maintain the fullness and natural look of your extensions.

  • Cleanse your eyelash extensions several times per week, if not daily, with a Lash Cleanse Remove; a water-based non-irritaing lash cleanser.

  • Do not use lash curler, this will rip your lashes out. 

  • Tanning beds, extreme heat, saunas, hot yoga can make the lashes lose there curl. 

  • Saunas, hot tubs, or a steam machine during a facial can cause the glue on your lashes to breakdown and lose the lashes. When getting a facial just request cotton rounds to cover your eyes. 

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​Please read the following carefully before scheduling IF YOUR'RE A NEW CLIENT:

  •  Please schedule a consultation if you've never had lashes before.

  • If you already have lashes on * I DO NOT WORK OVER OTHER LASH ARTISTS WORK*. You will need to schedule a removal and full set. If you insist on keeping the lashes on, there will be a $15 additional charge towards the booked service.

  • ​Please arrive at each appointment without any MAKEUP (liner, eyeshadow, concealer, gels or glitters) OR MASCARA! Arriving with makeup or mascara results in more cleaning time, which gives you LESS time for lashing.  *Makeup removal$5*

  • Please arrive without any extra guest.

  • If you're running late please text 440-561-0076.

  • If you NO CALL/NO SHOW 100% of service price is due before you can be serviced again.

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  • If you have any signs/symptoms of illness, have been around anyone who has had any signs of illness in the last 14 days. Please cancel your appointment.

  • If you've tested positive for COVID-19 or been around anyone who's tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 21 days, please cancel your appointment. There will be NO PENALTIES for last-minute cancellations due to illness or other COVID-19 risk factors.

  • MUST have an appointment to enter the suite. NO EXTRA GUEST NO EXCEPTIONS

  • You must wear a mask to be able to enter. If you do not have a face mask or cover-up, you can purchase a disposable mask for $1.

  • We will be removing all blankets at this time. Please dress accordingly.

  • Please wash hands and or use hand sanitizer before entering the suit.

  • We are requesting credit card payments! However cash is still accepted, but the preferred method of payments include credit/debit card, Zelle, Venmo, or invoice. The credit card you provide to schedule your appointment will be charged after your service unless you call with a different card before your service.

  • Upon Arrival, please call/text 440-561-0076 and wait in your vehicle until we text "ready". You will receive a brief COVID-19 questionnaire before your appointment that needs to be completed before the start of service.

  • We will take your temperature via non contact thermometer. Should you have an elevated temperature, you will be asked to leave and

  • reschedule your appointment.

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